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Alissa Getz Waller - Gyrotonic Master Trainer
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GYROTONIC Myers Park is proud to offer private sessions on the state of the art equipment of the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM. The fully adjustable equipment is designed to both support and guide the body during the various movements of the session.

The adjustment capabilities will meet the needs of every body type and strength level, from the elderly to athletes and dancers. The unique design provides constant and circular resistance while eliminating the jarring found in conventional exercise equipment particularly at the 'end' ranges of movements.


With the circular nature of the Gyrotonic method, the movements have no beginning or end and thus no possibility of joint compression or a lack of control at either point. Muscles and connective tissues in and around the joints are strengthened and lengthened without compression - providing a regenerative effect  to the entire body. 

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GYROKINESIS exercise gently tones the entire body, stimulates the nervous system, opens energy pathways, increases range of motion, and creates a gentle yet effective cardiovascular challenge. 


The class is a complement to traditional athletic activities as the continuous movement sequences rid the body of unwanted toxins that tend to build up within muscle tissue.  Each joint of the body is mobilized and articulated within a single workout leaving one feeling refreshed and revitalized.


Unlike Yoga, there is continuous movement from one position to the next rather than any 'hold' in a particular position which can create the potential for energetic stagnation within the body. The exercises are connected together through rhythm and flow making the class feel more like a dance class than a traditional exercise class.


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Pilates Method


Charlotte Movement Arts Studio houses professional Pilates exercise equipment including a Reformer / Trap Table Combination Unit, Pilates Chair and Ladder Barrel. Our sessions will also incorporate Pilates Matwork or the use of small equipment to further enhance or modify the traditional exercise sequences.

Regular practice of Pilates has been linked with better posture, increased strength and flexibility, a lengthening of the musculature, improved dance or athletic performance, more efficient breathing, and mental clarity.

With principles that include: Breathing, Concentration, Control, Centering, Flowing Movement, and Precision - the Pilates Method is a complete system of fitness for body, mind, and spirit. It develops our mind-body connection and takes us beyond our perceived limitations to and constraints. The Pilates practitioner is empowered, aware, and renewed. 

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Sessions for Dancers

PRIVATE SESSIONS especially for professionals and students

For professional and pre-professional dancers interested in taking their technique and performance to a new level. Alissa Getz Waller is a specialist in the application of Pilates Principles and the GYROTONIC Method to enhance classical and contemporary dance training.


Dancer Sessions will utilize either the Pilates and Gyrotonic equipment as well as incorporate mat based exercise with or without the use of small props like resistance bands, physio-balls, or balance boards. 

These sessions enable dancers to function at peak performance levels by preventing injury, facilitating rehabilitation, improving posture, technique, stamina, flexibility, functional strength, body symmetry, and enhancing artistry.


Benefits include:

  • Improves turnout, flexibility, and extension

  • Opens joints for better mobility in spine, hips, and ankle

  • Prevents injury and is a good post-rehabilitation option 

  • Enhances core and abdominal strength

  • Improves breath control and stamina

  • Corrects body placement, alignment, and mechanics

  • A fun, alternative way to cross train for dance                                                                                     

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GYROTONIC, GYROTONIC & Logo and GYROKINESIS are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

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