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specialty training sessions

For Dancers

Charlotte Movement Arts Studio offers specialty training for both professional and aspiring dancers. These sessions are designed to help address the specific challenges dancers face in keeping their bodies injury free and able to function at peak performance levels. Cross-training for dance is one of the best ways to improve technique, prevent injury, and enhance artistry.  Find out more here.


Rehabilitative Movement 

We offer Rehabilitative Movement using both Pilates conditioning and the Gyrotonic method (therapeutic applications) for clients who have been cleared by their physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor to begin a supervised exercise program. These sessions restore function and correct movement deficits following injury, surgery, or due to a chronic condition.

Find out more here.


We offer sessions with a focus on riding (Equestrian applications). These sessions help riders improve the way in which they communicate with their horses and keep their bodies fit for the specific demands of riding. Benefits to these sessions include helping riders learn to balance their weight and be more centered, maintain proper riding posture, greater movement efficiency, and better engage with their horse. Both Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise sessions can be tailored to rider's specific fitness goals. Choose either exercise modality and let us know that you ride - we will take it from there.

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