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equestrian sessions

Equestrian Sessions are designed to help riders communicate better with their horses, perform better when mounted, and keep their bodies healthy for riding. These sessions are a means of recharging and restoring the body after injury or repetitive use. This type of specialized instruction will use exercises from the Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Methodologies to help riders improve their riding posture and technique while improving their relationship with their horse. 


  • Keep a straight and supple back

  • Stay centered over your horse

  • Carry the shoulders evenly, openly, and freely

  • Keep your heels down

  • Sit the trot smoothly and easily

  • Use your leg and hip joints to better absorb shock while jumping

  • Balance body weight evenly in the saddle

  • Better engage your horse and flow with his motion at all times

  • Keep hands independent from body motion

  • Maintain a secure two-point position

  • Embody elegance while riding

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