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frequently asked questions

What to wear?

Wear clothing that you are comfortable moving in. Layers are a good idea. Jogging or yoga pants are good choices as you will perform several of the exercises lying down on your back. If wearing shorts, please wear biking shorts or yoga shorts underneath. Socks with sticky bottoms are required.

Level of fitness?

In general, both Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise can be modified to accommodate a wide range of physical limitations or medical issues. In certain circumstances, we may request that you check in first with your physician, physical therapist, or chiropractor to ensure that Pilates and/or Gyrotonic exercise is appropriate for you at this time. Quite often, individuals with physical limitations practice Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise regularly in order to maintain their overall strength, vitality, and quality of life. 


The Pilates system and the Gyrotonic method are each comprehensive systems of exercise that stand on their own as complete movement systems. They also happen to work very well to complement one another. While Pilates works to awaken and strengthen the core muscles - Gyrotonic has a greater focus on opening and balancing the body's energetic pathways. Both are traditionally practiced on specifically designed equipment that helps to align and support the body through movement. Both have an equipment component and also a matwork or floor-work component based on consistent and universal movement principles.  

How often?

In addition to your cardio-vascular program, we recommend 2 Pilates or Gyrotonic workouts per week for optimum results. This can be a combination of private lessons or 'homework' sessions put together by your instructor, which you practice at home on your own time. The majority of our clients take a session with us an average of 2 times per week. 

How to get started?

Working one-on-one with a seasoned teacher, especially if you are new to these techniques, is simply the best way to learn how to perform the exercises properly. Learning the movement principles behind each system is paramount to progression and the hands on you will receive from your instructor one-on-one will guide and align you through your session.

What to expect?

At your first session, your instructor will perform an 'Intake' which means obtaining a brief history of your prior exercise experience, and asking about any conditions (medical or physical) that may affect you when you work out. Sometimes a brief postural assessment is performed. Then it's time to get started with a short warm-up followed by your Pilates or Gyrotonic equipment session. All sessions are approximately 70 minutes in length.

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