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client testimonials


"I consider myself extremely lucky to have the fortune of living in the same town as Alissa.  I have had back issues for years, and the Gyrotonic system is terrific. Alissa is the most knowledgeable, insightful, intuitive, and skilled body practitioner I have ever met.  Her help with my spinal issues has been heads and shoulders above anything else I have been exposed to." 



"Alissa's knowledge about the body and her genuine passion for helping others through her work is amazing and truly a gift for those who choose to work with her."



"Gyrotonic gave my body a second life. Having a back problem since I was 10 presented a number of challenges including pain management, misalignment, energy blocks, and cosmetic appearance. The Gyrotonic system enabled me to have better control of my body, feel connected in my mind, body, and spirit, and provided me with a deep healing sensation that I experience after each session."



"Alissa is great to work with! She has been able to tailor the exercises to suit my limitations. With her extensive knowledge, she always has thoughtful and creative explanations that help me understand and progress. I am constantly telling my friends how much I love working with Alissa and how I love Gyrotonic."



"Being a student of Alissa has been an incredible, life-altering experience. She can very clearly perceive each student and client's physical potential. She uses a gentle, yet determined touch to guide the body into positions that represent that persons' potential, in that moment. She identifies in her students their counter productive patterns, and shows you how to re-coordinate the body so that any given movement can be achieved."



"Tapping into these energy meridians allowed me to release tense muscles. The exercises helped me gain strength and mobility. After a few months working with Alissa, I feel like a new person."



"What an outstanding teacher training experience. Alissa provides a supportive learning environment in which you can make mistakes and learn from them. She is a true professional whose elegance, skill and leadership style were truly appreciated throughout the training weekend."


"A Gyrotonic work-out provides for a deeper experience where I can feel every cell in my body being activated. My back feels more alive than ever. THANK YOU."


"Alissa builds upon your knowledge base of Gyrotonic exercise, whether you are a novice or advanced practitioner, she supports your individual learning style and provides systematic learning goals each and every session."


"Alissa has patiently guided me on my Gyrotonic journey-- providing valuable insight on my hip injury, sharing knowledge and teaching me awareness. My 3 hour commutes are well worth it! Feel great and love gyro!"


"Alissa's detailed orientated teaching style inspires your best performance and I love it. I am learning to move with intention and grace and I have never felt stronger. As a runner my regular workout with Alissa is creating a healthy athletic balance.."


"Alissa is a very professional / knowledgeable instructor. Alissa helped me address chronic postural / movement issues and I now feel in the best shape in my life in my 40's.."


"The online training has been great.  I feel I am getting all of the therapeutic benefits as well as some serious training effects.  The video has worked well and I feel like I am getting the cuing benefits that you provide in the studio.  Many thanks." 


"Alissa’s verbal cues are always timely and on point.  Everything worked very well with my remote one on one session."


CMA is as good as it gets. Alissa is truly a master instructor and I'm thrilled that they've been able to transition to the virtual space as I'm not based in Charlotte and have come to depend heavily on my weekly sessions. I highly recommend Charlotte Movement Arts."  

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